Oriental Fine Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs make the ideal centerpiece for your home. They add style, class, and beauty. They are quite rare and difficult to maintain. You do not need an inexperienced cleaner to take care of it for you. If they do, we can bet one of these two things would happen; either you lose the texture of your oriental rug or the rug is not properly cleaned.

When it comes to cleaning Oriental rug, it goes beyond just removing the dirt, soil and debris that resides on the surfaces; you have to ensure the rug’s structure and natural fibers are in excellent shape. Not many rug cleaners can do this effectively, but at Bloomingdale DC, we have trained professionals specifically for Oriental rugs. They will inspect and apply the necessary measures towards making it as clean and sparkling as it can be.

You may try to clean the surface yourself, but what you don’t know is that, due to the nature of the fiber, the stain would work its way back up. This is because Oriental rugs are made up of extremely delicate fibers that have been woven to perfection. Due to this, it takes more than the usual measure of cleaning rugs to take care of Oriental rugs. They are unique and require unique approaches for their cleaning.

One mistake a lot of cleaners make here is that, they use harsh chemicals for cleaning Oriental rugs, which reduces the lifespan drastically. We are organic, as such, we use environmentally safe chemicals tailor-made for your Oriental rug.

Our professionals are trained to handle all kinds of fabrics, including silk, wool and cotton. This means they can effectively handle every stain on your Oriental rug. Your Oriental rug cleaning has just gotten easier with Bloomingdale DC. We can’t wait to take care of it for you. Call us today.