Pet Stains Odor Removal

Pets are great; they can be the friends we seek outside; the innocent listeners, playmates, and besties. However, they can also create a mess of your carpet or rug, and turn into a smelling entity. Not many people know how to go about this type of cleaning. Well, it requires expertise and great attention to detail, that’s why Bloomingdale DC’s pet stains and odor removal is your best bet for this unique cleaning solution.

One thing that happens with pet stains is that, pee of pets can leave an almost everlasting stain that is hard to remove and the harder you try to remove it, the worse your rug would turn out. It’s either you successfully remove the stain and lose the original color, endure a partly torn rug, or you overlook the stain and enjoy your rug anyway.

It doesn’t have to be so. We have worked with many homes over the years to clean up the mess their pets leave on the rugs and carpets. We have successfully removed the worst possible stains, with the carpet in the best and original shape, and we can do that for you, too. No, we don’t use hard and unsafe chemicals that may be detrimental to your kids and pets; we know exactly how to go about this, the safest possible way.

We will take care of all your carpet pet stains, while maintaining the texture and color of your carpets at the same time. Our professional carpet stain removal service is exactly what you need for a clean and odor-free rug/carpet. Our professionals are well trained and always available to handle any type of texture, using environmentally safe, but highly effective chemicals for easy removal of the stains and odor, leaving your rug as clean and smelling just as nice, too.